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Office Ergonomics Training - Don't be a Notre Dame

Bad Habit #5, Leaning Forward, Hunching Over

You should have learned by now leaning forward with your shoulders hunched over is about the worst thing you can do to cause yourself some serious back pain. Sadly, this is the main cause for lower back ailments.

A major reason people tend to lean forward is their desk or workstation is improperly balanced. They lean to see something on their computer screen, use the keyboard or mouse, answer the telephone or just changing sitting positions.

Straighten Up and Fly Right

This can be accomplished by simply keeping good sitting posture in the forefront of your mind for several weeks and taking a close look at how your desk or work environment is arranged.

If you notice yourself leaning, correct your sitting position the right way. Take a deep relaxing breath and remember the proper body alignment. Head and shoulders up, feet flat on the floor or footrest, arms by your side, and wrist level with the keyboard.

TRY THIS: Use a checklist to inspect your desk or workstation ergonomic layout. Check the positioning of your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and phone. Make any necessary adjustments or improvements to avoid those sources of pain.

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