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Office Ergonomics Training - Keep your chin up, things are looking brighter

Bad Habit #6, Looking Down

Up down, up down, back and forth, and bank and forth...are we watching tennis? Let's face it. Most computer tasks are highly repetitive. We generally perform the same motions repeatedly, at a fast pace, and with little variation.

One of the worse things we can do to our neck, shoulders and eyes is repetitively move our head up, down and side-to-side....all the doo-da day!

Tennis anyone?

Of course, who wouldn't enjoy watching an all-day, heated volley between tennis legends Andre' Agassi and Pete Sampress? "That was a great match, but my neck sure does hurt..."

To ease discomfort in your neck and shoulders from constant head movements between your monitor, keyboard, or documents on your desk; adjust the placement of your monitor and how you view any paper documents.

While sitting in your new chair, and in the proper ergo sitting position (uh,..head and chin up), adjust the height of your monitor so the first line of text on your screen hits right at eye level.

And let's not forget those peepers...To ease strain on your eyes, adjust the distance of the monitor. When you raise your arm up straight in front, your fingertips should barely be able to touch the screen no closer or further. Your pupils will thank you later.

TRY THIS: For many work space areas, adjusting the placement of the monitor or documents is difficult, crowded and cumbersome. Especially if you adjust or position your chair several times throughout your work day.

Monitor Arms and Document Holders are the perfect solution to quickly, and easily, adjust your monitor, or documents, to proper ergo levels. No matter what positions you set your chair in.

And the best part about Monitor Arms and Document Holders, when you're done using them, simply push them conveniently to the side! Now, marvel at all that new real estate you just cleared from the top of your desk. Look! There's that picture of little Jenny you love so much!..And the post-it you've been looking for...

You can find out more about myErgoHealth Monitor Arms and Doc Holders by calling or sending me an email at (877) 932-7785 or

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Shake it out. This ergo-cise is no stretch. But it sure relieves stress and tension. (1) Stand up - shake your left foot, then your right foot. Shake that tension out! (2) Shake your knees from side to side, then your hips, then chest and shoulders (3) Breath deep through your nose, and loudly exhale through mouth, shaking head from side to side. Your cheeks flap and your breath will make that funny sound horses make sometimes. Yeah, everyone is looking at you...Who cares? Your loosing stress and having Lots of fun!


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