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Office Ergonomics Training - Sleep...It Does A Body Good

Plus, your family and BFF will love you for it...

Losing sleep is no fun. Sleep stolen is down right rotten. There are all kinds of things that can, and will, prevent you from healthy, restful sleep which cause head and body aches, grogginess, or a multitude of sickness and disease. These undesirable symptoms keep you from performing at your very best and prevent you from doing more in life.

But don't worry... with just a little effort, you can help prevent getting robbed of refreshing nights of sleep and live a life free of pain.

Sleep Stealer #1

Cheer up, the worst is yet to come

Stress is perhaps the #1 sleep stealer today. Stress from work or stress at home will cost you more restless nights than you probably care to count. Unfortunately, stress is simply a part of life. Learning to take small measures in managing your stress is the secret in safeguarding your sleep.

What to do: When you find yourself stressed it's often difficult to have energy to do anything. But doctors and experts agree, aerobic exercise is the most proven method in dealing with stress.

Go to the gym, go for a brisk walk around the block, play some tennis or whichever activity you enjoy doing most. It doesn't matter, just get your heart rate up and burn those "stress calories" off (keep in mind, morning exercise is better than late evening exercise as adrenaline from your workout can energize you for hours).

You can learn more about managing your stress levels from WebMD's Stress Management Health Center.


Sleep Stealer #2

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Stay Out the Bed...

There's nothing more frustrating, and more sleep depriving, than being "too Hot". Struggling with heat at bedtime is a recipe for a long, tossing, "will I ever get to sleep", night. Not to mention, now you have to change the sheets in the morning... Sweaty Betty.

What to do: If you can adjust the room's temperature, do so. A general comfortable room setting should be between 65 and 72 degrees. Also, soft cotton sheets, as well as cotton sleepwear, will help in beating the heat.

Try This: If you and your sleep partner prefer different room settings, a dual-zone ChiliPad® just might be the ticket.

A "Top-Rated" customer favorite, ChiliPad® is a microclimate thermostat control system that COOLS & HEATS your bed and provides independent controls for each side of the bed.

No more sleepless nights with extra blankets, sweaty sheets, and best of all, no more bedtime temperature squabbles!

If you would like to learn more about ChiliPad® "Comfort Zone" Climate Control system, click the "send email" button below and let us know what size bed you have.

Husband's, let your wife know doc said to "chill out"...turning down the a/c is doctor recommended. Find out why at WebMD.

Sleep Stealer #3

Caffeine. In fact, sleep is a symptom of being caffeine deprived.

When you see just how much healthy sleep time is stolen, all of a sudden, key lime pie and a cup of coffee or cappuccino after dinner doesn't sound so good...Well, it kinda does but you have to work in the morning.

What to do: Because the effects of caffeine can wind you up for as much as twelve hours, many experts recommend quitting it altogether. If you must drink coffee, try to limit yourself to a cup, maybe 2, but only in the morning.

What does Lance Armstrong say about sugar and caffeine? Find out at

Bucks before bed, sweet dreams...

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