myErgoHealth 30 Day Ergonomic Case Study. For those serious about living a pain free, comfortable life...24 hours a day so you can do more!
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Office Ergonomics Training

Office Ergonomics Training

Day 2 - First we form habits, then they form us

Mom was right! Good posture certainly makes a difference in how we look and how we feel. Unfortunately, over the years, we tend to get "relaxed" and let our posture fall flat. Not thinking about the long-term effects of ignoring, "Sit up straight"...

In order for things to change, we must change

You've already taken the biggest step by giving yourself the best tools needed to finally solve your pain, a custom BODYBILT® Chair. But, that's only about half the battle...

For the vast majority, years of bad sitting posture and poor sitting behavior has begun to take its toll on our bodies. Unless the right ergonomic corrections are implemented, those pain and discomfort areas you are dealing with will only worsen.

Proper ergonomic habits combined with the right ergonomic tools and ergo environment are the primary factors to begin living a pain free life.

So, to begin the coaching process, we need to help you get rid of any bad sitting and sleeping habits and replace them with new good habits.

Over these next 30 days, you will receive a series of very short emails from myErgoCoach with advice, tips, and exercises for you to follow and begin to incorporate these new good habits into your daily routine.

If you do, you'll soon find that you can do more!

Your Learn & Earn Responsibility...

Remember, in order to earn the "Case Study" discount and receive your completion certificate, you'll need to collect $150 Ergo Bucks (Which can be used for one of the case study participation gifts. Each valued at $149). You have a very simple TO DO item with each email.

At the bottom of each email, you will see a "CLICK HERE" button stating to complete the day along with the "ERGO-BUCK" dollar amount you will collect for completing that days email.

Enter Your Email and click the button below to complete Day 2

This is a sample page only and all tracking and form functionality has been removed. Start here to see if you qualify for our office ergonomics training evaluation.

Thank you,

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30 Day Ergonomic Pain Solution Case Study - Day 2

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Lighten up, Stuffy! It's good to maintain proper ergonomic office posture, but don't make yourself stiff and tense. got this!
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