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Office Ergonomics Training - What You Don't Know Won't Kill You

But it sure makes you ache, and ache, and ache...

By now, it should be fairly clear of the more common types of pain and discomfort you struggle with when sitting and sleeping. However, expert opinion, on the best way to resolve those struggles, varies quite a bit.

So who's right?

Truth is, they ALL are....but, only to a degree. In other words, every mattress and pillow manufacturer across the globe unequivocally agree the quality of what you sit in, sleep on and lay your head across IS the solution to solving the pain you get from sitting and sleeping.

To give a little credit, for the most part, manufacturers each do an okay job in temporarily relieving aches and pains. And they will each convincingly tell you their solution is the answer to your prayers. As you soon find out, its not the long term cure you were searching for.

Ultimately, the burden is upon you to educate yourself on the different materials used along with the advantages and disadvantages they present.

The Stuff Mattress Companies Won't Tell You

The secret for sustained Pain Free living should be "Automatic"

If you currently sleep on a powered air mattress, and you gain or lose weight, what should the mattresses new correct air pressure be adjusted to, in order to compensate for your body's weight change?

Or what about when you change sleep positions during the night, what should you adjust the air pressure settings to, so the different pressure points now making contact from your movement is properly supported? And you need to wake up to do this...

Sleep experts all agree, the key elements of deep, healthy, therapeutic sleep are Body Weight Displacement, Spine Alignment, and Temperature Control. Unfortunately, every single product offered worldwide fails to meet all 3 of those requirements jointly....except one.

What Dreams May Come...

If you could design the perfect mattress for you, what would it be like?

How firm or soft would you make it? Would you use, foam, air or springs to support you? Would you want manual adjustments or automatic?

What about your mate? Would you design a separate side for them or one congruent configuration?

Imagine, if you could customize your bed or pillow, the same way you did with your chair, design it so it meets sleep experts requirements of Body Weight Displacement, Spine Alignment,Temperature Control, AND its built specifically for you and your partner. How awesome would it be to sleep on that mattress?

You got it now...

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