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Office Ergonomics Training - We Saw What You Did Last Summer While Sleeping...

Okay, maybe we didn't, but we can show you how to sleep better through a sleep assessment...

Alright, it's now time we got down to brass tacks and take a closer look at exactly how you sleep, what could be "stealing" your sleep, and what's the source of any pain or discomfort you get from sleeping.

The assessment is designed to specifically identify what's causing your sleep problems or habits in a three step process.

Yeehaw, a Two-Step...

Easy Pardner, we said three-step

Step 1: Take the online Sleep Assessment and get a "Results Report".

Step 2: Get a live review, and expert evaluation, of your "Results Report" with an Ergo Sleep Coach, to pinpoint your source of pain or discomfort and any of your your own "Sleep Stealers" . You might be very surprised.

Step 3: Find out about the best way to solve your pain and what steps to take to block or avoid those obnoxious "sleep stealers" through a customized "Sleep Plan" to help you sleep better and without pain.

In fact, with you already being an existing Case Study participant, and depending upon your level of pain and/or sleep disorders, you may be eligible to experience your very own customized Sleep System, in the comfort of your own home for a full 30 days, and without any up front out of pocket expenses whatsoever.

This is an unheard of opportunity, but, it is limited. So ask the Sleep Coach if you qualify...



Listen to what a world leading mattress expert says as he explains the differences in today's mattress technology and why "Automatic Adjusting Technology" delivers the ONLY mattress in the world clinically proven to reduce pain. Watch the video here.

Sleep Assessment and Go Get Your Bucks

Find out how you sleep, the reward ain't cheap!

This is a sample page only and all tracking and form functionality has been removed. Start here to see if you qualify for our office ergonomics training evaluation.


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