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Office Ergonomics Training

Office Ergonomics Training - "Houston, We Have A Problem..."

Bad Habit #1, Sitting Without Back Support

One of the worst things you can do to contribute to your back pain is not using the backrest to support your back. This is often a difficult habit for many to break because we've grown accustomed to "re-positioning" ourselves in that old, inadequate chair.

We've all done it. Squirming in an uncomfortable chair trying to find a comfy position to sit in. You sit up straight and scoot to the edge of the seat, "Perching" over your computer and desk.

The problem is, "Perching" naturally leads to leaning forward and "hunching" your shoulders, leaving your back completely unsupported. This trains the muscles in your back, shoulders and stomach to do all the work resulting in fatigue, stress, and PAIN.

Let Your Chair Do The Walking!

Having a good ergonomic chair like BODYBILT gives you the support you've been "hurting" to get!

Begin to adopt these "Good" posture habits when sitting:

  • Fill in the space between your back and the backrest, close that gap, sit up straight with your shoulders back. Relax, and let the chair support you

  • Keep your neck, back and feet aligned, with arms relaxed by your side, bring your hands up parallel to the floor to use your keyboard and mouse

  • Adjust your chair height, with your feet flat on the floor or supported by a footrest, so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees

  • Keep your tummy relaxed, let the chair do the work and provide the support it has been scientifically designed to do
TRY THIS: If you tend to "Perch", sit up straight, scoot back into your chair and pull up on the far back lever on the chair, marked "Back". Bring the backrest of your office chair upright and let that backrest do the work.

Go ahead, give it a try... it feels great to to have your back supported!

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30 Day Office Ergonomics Training and Study - Day 3

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