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Office Ergonomics Training

Office Ergonomics Training - It's okay to reach for the stars, but not your keyboard or mouse

Bad Habit #3, Reaching

Most of us never think about it. If you're researching, writing papers, entering data or playing on Facebook, reaching for your keyboard and/or mouse puts a major strain on your back, shoulders, neck, elbows and wrist, and may lead to muscle and nerve damage.

Reaching is one of the primary causes in people who develop Repetitive Movement Injuries, (RMI). When you reach for your keyboard or mouse, that causes you to continually lean forward putting additional strain on your back and shoulders.

Watch for these symptoms:

  1. Numbness or hands burning
  2. A reduced range of motion in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck or back
  3. Diminished hand grip strength
  4. Pain in hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, neck or back
  5. Stiff or swelling joints

Time to get up close and personal

When using your computer, be aware of how you align your body in order to avoid potential injuries.

You want to use your use your keyboard and mouse with your arms hanging directly by your side. So, move your chair underneath the keyboard and adjust the height so your arms and wrist remain level with the keyboard

TRY THIS: If you are unable to get close enough to the keyboard so your arms rest by your side, the use of a keyboard tray would be a wise choice. Keyboard trays allow you to bring the keyboard close to you and easily position it in the correct ergonomic position.

If you would like more information about our industry leading ergonomic keyboard trays click the email button below and send us a request.

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30 Day Office Ergonomics Training and Study - Day 7

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