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You may ask yourself, "Why should I buy a BodyBilt Chair?"

The Answer is simple:


BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs employ 10 point Posture Control which allow you to adjust your ergonomic chair in an endless number of positions to bring your body the absolute most comfortable position.

Each BodyBilt Ergonomic Chair is fully customized and built to order for each customer.  NO Stock of ready made chairs exists - We carefully take note of each customers needs and build their chair to the needs of each customer - including the fabric type and color.   We custom match any color for which fabric or leather is made.

All BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs are hand made in Texas from the highest quality of components - which is why BodyBilt ergonomic chairs carry a ten year limited warranty!   What kind of warranty does the office chair you are sitting in now have?

    BodyBilt - 10 Point Posture Control

Ergonomic Posture: NASA Research in the Workplace


BodyBilt Unique This photo, of a SkyLab-4 crewman, shows the relaxed, stress-free and unrestrained posture the human body automatically assumes and indefinitely maintains in weightlessness. This natural posture, with an open trunk / thigh angle, is a totally relaxed and non-stressed state. When in natural posture the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons are most relaxed, the vertebrae are properly spaced and better aligned to reduce pressure on discs, breathing is improved and blood circulation is less restricted.
The adjustability of the BodyBilt chair and its unique contoured seat allow and encourage the benefits of the open trunk / thigh posture by giving proper support in a forward tilt. When properly adjusted, the BodyBilt custom ergonomic chair provides exceptional back support in almost any seated posture allowing the user to choose the posture that best suits his / her individual physique, task and medical challenges.
Arm support is another crucial aspect of proper posture and BodyBilt offers over one-dozen different special application armrests providing exceptional arm support for almost any task or upper extremity challenge. The longer you sit, the more vital support and comfort from your chair becomes. Another important aspect of reducing the stress and the physical consequences of long-term sitting is making regular changes in seated posture. To encourage frequent adjustment and postural changes, the BodyBilt chair allows for easy adjustment from a seated position.