Ergonomic Arm Options

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Super S'port® Tee Arms
The The Super S'port arm pad is much longer (16”) than the standard pad. It makes a great full-forearm support for keyboard tasks.
The S'port pad adjusts 3-ways as the Versitask support provides.
Upholstered in black, washable Finesse® fabric.

Super S'port® SlideRite™ Arms
The Super S'port pad (16” long) may be combined with the articulating Slide-Rite mechanism for 5-way adjustability.
In addition to the basic 3 Versitask adjustments, this arm positioned fore or aft and articulates (12° fore and 12° aft. Perfect for a negative tilt keyboard or high profile desktop machine.

Versitask Arms
With a very soft, wide arm pad, this versatile arm support can be retrofitted with over one-dozen special application arm pads.
Interchangeable with the 4-arm on most models.
* The fixed height arm is standard on Conference and Training room chairs.

Mini S'port Pivot Arms Mini S'port® Pivot!® Arms
The Mini S'port pad (7”) is upholstered in black, washable Finesse® fabric and combined with the Pivot! mechanism.
It adjusts 3-ways as the standard Versitask and adds a horizontal 2” radius axis of adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso.

Standard Arms Standard Pivot! Arms
The standard arm The standard arm pad for the Versitask support (4" wide) can be combined with the Pivot! mechanism.

The Versitask pad adjusts 3-ways (width, height and angle) as the standard non-upholstered pad and adds a horizontal 2” radius axis of adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso.

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