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Big & Tall Ergonomic Chairs

If you don't fit the mold of average height and weight, most office chairs won't meet your big and tall chair needs.If you are sitting right now, knees raised above your chair, calves tired and cramped beneath yourdesk then you need custom made big and tall chairs for tall people. Maybe you feel the pinch of a chair that just can't handle your size. Our custom-fit, big office chair will satisfy your body's custom demands.

Taste relaxation for the first time. Experience what it's like to walk out of the office with a spring in your step, instead of a pain in your back. Don't let a substandard chair conform your body to an unnatural posture. We specialize in big and tall chairs for tall people and for big people. Let us assemble a chair specifically for you.

Click Here and we will Custom Build A Big Tall Chair for you to try, at our risk, for 30 days!

  moderate countour, neck roll   moderate contour, wide seat pan   flat countour, tall-back  

These Big & Tall Ergonomic Chairs are only representative of the options available through customization.

Custom Built Big and Tall Ergonomic Chairs

The BodyBilt Big and Tall chairs high, contoured back and wide ergonomic seat allows your body to rest in its natural, relaxed state. You choose the kind of foam cushioning you want and whether to cover it in the highest quality leather or the most ergonomic knit-type fabric. We supply the security of a ten year warranty.

Once we've assembled your chair from over 57 million options to fit your body size, you can further adjust it with our unique, 10-point posture control. Choose the model that's closest to your needs. Then call 1-877-225-4139 to speak to one of our specially trained representatives. They'll work with you one-on-one to make sure your chair fits you, not the other way around.



For people who are above average height and weight, our extra big or tall chair is the answer to your office seating challenge. While most office chairs are not built to suit your tall needs, we will custom build you an ergonomic chair that will fit you properly, and last you for years to come.


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