Chronic Back Pain, The Proactive Approach

Living with chronic back pain can be exhausting both physically and mentally but it can be managed so that it doesn’t take over your life in a negative way. Many people take the pain management approach of “chasing the pain” which is an endless cycle of hurting and then trying to mask the pain. A very key part to back pain management is to be proactive in your treatment. Rather than waiting to be in so much pain that you need to take pain killers and lie down most likely missing out on work, family activities, and life in general if you take a proactive approach in your back pain management and overall back health you may never be in that position again.

It is incredibly important to remember that when your body is experiencing pain it is telling you that something is wrong. For those who suffer with chronic pain this is easily forgotten as the pain is just as much part of everyday as eating and breathing. So when your body has told you that something is wrong it is your duty to help fix the problem as best you can on an ongoing basis in order to treat not only the symptom (chasing the pain) but also the cause (proactive pain management).

A very key part of proactive pain management is core strength. The muscles that are referred to as your core muscles support your spine and let you be able to stand and sit with correct posture. If your core muscles are weak, your back is lacking this very integral part of it’s support system. Whether you just simply remember to stand tall and keep that tummy pulled in or if you go to your local gym for a core strength building class you will notice a difference when these core muscles are doing their part in helping your back out.

More and more many of us are sitting at work, though there certainly are many people whose back pain comes from hard physical labor, many people with chronic back pain find themselves sitting, sitting, sitting at work and this is bad for your back both due to the fact that your core muscles get weakened from sitting all day and also because our bodies are meant to move and stretch. If you are able, meaning you aren’t literally tied to your chair, stand up at least every hour and move around. If you are able to go for a short walk, even just up and down the hall, your back will thank you!

Speaking of sitting and the fact that so many people make a living doing just that, it is very important to have a good, supportive chair that works for you and your body. Just because a chair is called ergonomic doesn’t mean it’s the ergonomic chair that is right for you. There are so many different designs of chairs and there’s a good reason for that, there are many different designs of people and backs and pain. Choosing the right chair for working in is not only necessary for your proactive pain management but also for your overall health.

As mentioned, chronic back pain is exhausting both physically and mentally and when this ailment goes untreated or mistreated it will undoubtedly affect your overall health. Chronic back pain affects so many parts of a person including sleep and mood as well as energy levels and stress management abilities. The importance of treating your back pain as a truly necessary part of your overall health and well being and investing the time and money into taking a proactive approach is simply something you cannot ignore.

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