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Office Desk Risers

office desk risersOffice Desk Risers are a desk height solution for raising the desk surface in two-inch increments. Our desk risers are clear, and may be stacked to achieve greater heights. The desk risers are available in sets of 4.

Correct desk height is the single-most important requirement for injury prevention at work. If too low, the desk height can impede leg clearance and cause you to round your back and shoulders when working at the desktop. offers cost-effective desk risers (or desk lifts) to elevating your desk to the proper working height.

The correct LCD monitor mount position is as important as the selection and purchase of an LCD monitor arm. Ergonomic injuries are increasing with the explosion of computer technology in the workplace and in schools. Repetitive and prolonged computer use can lead to injury, muscle aches and discomfort. Proper computer posture is also important.

Ergonomic office accessories should be supplied according the individual needs of each employee. Keyboard and monitor usage cause most chronic repetitive injuries. There are a number of products - such as keyboard pads, document holders, keyboard shelves, footrests, wristrests, desk risers / lifts and auxiliary task lighting - all designed to reduce the strain to various body parts that computer work causes. Specialized ergonomic chairs with extended arms and increased adjustability also address these problems. Other simple ways to address ergonomic concerns include adjusting the height of the work surface, increasing legroom, and repositioning the computer monitor and telephone.

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