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Desktop Document Holder

When correctly positioned, our desktop document holder helps to prevent eyestrain and muscle pain associated with traditional document holders. Available in 17" or 11" heights.

By keeping documents positioned as close to your computer monitor as possible, document holders help reduce eye, neck and shoulder movement. This helps minimize strain and enhances overall comfort.

Office and Desktop Ergonomics may prevent musculoskeletal injuries by reducing physical and mental stress caused by the workstation setup. By focusing on the physical setup of your workstation and the tools you use, you can reduce your chances of injuries. It also is important to evaluate the work process, including job organization, worker rotation, task variety, demands for speed and quality, and the social aspects of work structure and supervision.

Arrange your work so you can sit or stand comfortably in a position that does not put stress on any specific area of your body. You should be able to keep your neck in a neutral position and minimize the need to look up or to the sides continuously while you are working. A well positioned document holder will help to prevent longterm back and neck pain.

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