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Ergonomic Accessories

Our specifically designed ergonomic office products offer daily support for your happy, healthy body alignment. From ergonomic office chairs to ergonomic office accessories we specialize in the perfect fit for your body size, needs and tasks


Keyboard Trays

The keyboard tray with its height and angle adjustability has proven to be one of the most effective ergonomic office products. These adjustable keyboard trays attempt to address one or more of the known risk factors that contribute to common office-related injuries, including fatigue, discomfort, and hand and arm ailments such as sore wrists and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. More info on our Keyboard Trays.


Monitor Arms

A risky problem occurs from staring at a computer monitor that’s not at the correct height. Holding your head at a painful position can lead to considerable back and neck pain. Our monitor arms could help ease that strain by making it easy to view that needs minimal strain. Invest in comfort with these sturdy, ergonomically designed monitor arms.



Sit / Stand Office Desk Workstation

The human body is designed to stand, not sit. Standing strengthens leg muscles,improves balance and is better for the back than sitting. (It burns more calories than sitting.) Workers who spend at least an hour a day at stand up workstations feel more energized and productive researchers say. And if they keep it up, they may help reduce the damage done by sitting at a desk all day. A sit-stand desk can be the perfect healthy addition to your ergonomic office.


Office Desk Risers

Finding your right desk height can improve your posture and help prevent back and neck pain. If your desk is too short, you will find yourself bending over, stretching your neck forward, and straining your eyes and arms to find comfort. Many times office desks come in one standard size. Unfortunately people do not. You can adjust your desk height with our office desk risers.



Desktop Document Holder

A desktop document holder will help to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, relieve eye strain, and may even increase your productivity. You no longer have to continuously rotate your neck back and forth from your monitor, losing your place, slowing down your typing. Place the document holder as close as you can to your monitor, and make sure it is approximately the same distance from your eyes. More info on our desktop document holder here.


Ergonomic Footrest

A great way to relieve strain on the lower part of your body when sitting at a desk all day is with an ergonomic footrest. A properly adjusted footrest will support your legs and avoid fatigue and tired muscles. Get more info on our ergonomic office footrests here.




Desk Corner Converter

Convert your 90 degree desktop corner to diagonal corner to improve desk space and to allow keyboard trays to fit nicely on a corner desk. Convert your corner desktop into a keyboard tray capable desk while increasing accessibility and desk space. More info on our corner converters.



Cordless Phone Headsets

Headsets are also known to reduce the chances of work-related physical disorders, specifically injuries of the neck and back. When a phone handset is routinely squeezed against the head and shoulder for extended periods of time anything can happen from mild discomfort to tissue damage. Check out our headsets and start relieving pain today.


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