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Best Chair For Back Pain

Each Ergonomic Chair is custom built to relieve you of your back pain. The ergo chair has a slightly contoured seat designed to promote proper ergonomic posture and evenly distribute weight so that the back muscles and spine are put in a relaxed position.  The Bodybilt ergonomic chair for back pain relief is the ultimate in back and spine comfort.

Almost everyone will experience back or neck pain at some point in their life. We know that that when we sit in one place for an extended period, (usually bent forward), focused on a project in front of us or at a computer, we end up with a back-ache and/or pain in the upper neck. Studies show that when we have spent years at the same job doing repetitive activities or movements that we end up straining our muscles and joints permanently.

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  upper, middle or lower back pain   upper, middle or lower back pain   upper, middle or lower back pain  

These Ergonomic Chairs for Back Pain are only representative of the options available through customization.

Custom Built Back Pain Chair For You

Of course there are the times when we do our share of weekend chores and wind-up pulling weeds, mowing the grass, raking leaves or moving furniture and by the next day we can barely roll out of bed. For some of us that old "injury" creeps back every now and then until one day it becomes a priority. For whatever reason, we know that over time, life has found it's way to accumulate on our bodies. Physical complications begin to develop and we become stiffer, less flexible and more out of balance.

We work with you individually to custom fit each and every component of the Bodybilt ergonomic back pain relieving chair. We do not keep a stock of ready made chairs like most office supply stores do. - Each and every office chair we make and sell is custom built to fit your unique body measurements, and back or neck pain requirements. Give us the chance to custom build the best chair for back pain and show you how it can make a difference in your work life and overall health.



A Custom Designed Ergonomic Chair is the best solution for back-support. Our custom made ergo chairs are designed specifically to support your back. A personal taste custom office chairs are widely available for customers in multiple fabrics such as leather, to better serve the client's tastes, as well as your budget.

Bodybilt "chairs for back pain" are custom built specifically to meet the needs of people who suffer from chronic backaches. Daily tasks while seated in your custom built Custom Ergonomic Chair will ensure your correct posture and this ensures better alignment of the vertebrae column, as well as ensure the blood flow and relaxation of the muscles. Read More


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