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Coccyx Chair

Tailbone problems, or Coccydynia, hurt. Pain radiates across the buttocks and down the legs. For some people, the pain has a significant effect on the quality of life.

The Coccyx, or the tailbone, is the last segment of the human vertebral column of three to five fused vertebrae. Interestingly, the coccyx is regarded as vestigial in humans, meaning it no longer serves the major functions that it did in earlier species of humans. (Those included supporting a tail and accommodating its nerves.) It does provide an attachment for muscles, such as the gluteus maximus, and also serves as something of a shock absorber when the person sits down, although forceful impact can cause damage and subsequent bodily pains. (From Wikipedia).

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  pain at the base of the spine   pain at the base of the spine   pain at the base of the spine  

These Ergonomic Chairs for Coccyx Pain are only representative of the options available through customization.

Custom Coccyx Chairs

An ergonomic chair custom built to relieve coccyx pain can greatly help with an injured tailbone. A well designed ergonomic chair with a tailbone cutout will leave a void in the area of your tailbone, so that nothing is pressing in the area when you are seated. Less pressure in the tailbone area means less irritation on the coccyx, which helps to minimize the pain.

Our custom coccyx chair is designed and built one at a time, so that each chair fits the customers unique qualities. We start with picking the appropriate seat, which is determined by the height and weight of the customer.

Each of our seats can be custom made with a tailbone cutout. We start by finding EXACTLY where the cutout needs to be, and often we send you a template to determine where the cutout needs to be. You show US where your cutout needs to be, send us the template, and we custom make you a seat with a tailbone cutout just for you.

The correct ergonomic seat selection will allow you to sit comfortably for hours at a time, as your weight will be distributed evenly across the seat that was designed for you. When your weight is distributed evenly, your muscles are more relaxed and your nerves are irritated less than in other inferior chairs.

In addition to the coccyx chair seat choices, what your seat is made of is also very important. With your custom BodyBilt Ergonomic Office Chair, you can choose from other seat options such as memory type foam and the ROHO inflatable cushion system. Ask one of our ergonomic consultants to tell you more about the best chair for back pain.



There are 100's of different combinations you can choose from so that your custom ergonomic chair is the best possible fit for your body and your work environment. All of this is done to keep your body and your muscles and nerves in the most natural posture so that conditions like coccydynia and sciatica are minimized to the greatest extent possible.


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