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Ergonomic Sciatica Chair

Sciatica hurts. Pain radiates across the buttocks and down the legs. For some people, the pain has a significant effect on the quality of life.

Sciatica pain relief is hard to find. There is no quick fix. Physical therapy can help, but you need to do everything you can to minimize the pain.

You can get sciatica pain relief from an ergonomic chair. A well designed ergonomic chair will help to align your hips to ensure that your body is at it's most natural posture when sitting in an office chair for hours at a time.

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  lower back, buttocks, leg & foot   lower back, buttocks, leg & foot   lower back, buttocks, leg & foot  

These Ergonomic Chairs for Sciatica Pain are only representative of the options available through customization.


Peggy Ross is one of our employees. She has lived with Sciatica since 1980 when she slipped and fell and ruptured her L5/S1 disc (lumbar area). At the time, she went through physical therapy and the first of five surgeries. She could work, but it was very painful. Sitting for 8 hours a day was difficult as the sciatic nerve was inflamed and nothing helped. She had to alternate between sitting, standing, and laying down every 15 minutes. Her quality of life was, in her words, "non-existent".

Four more surgeries came in 1981 - 1983. Her neurosurgeon diagnosed her with degenerative disc disease and sciatica. She was told that she had to live with the pain and even tried a pump that was surgically implanted under her skin, which delivered pain mediation directly to her spine. Every 3 weeks she had to have more medicine injected into the pump.

Eventually the pump failed, and had to be removed. By that time, she was addicted to over 25 pain pills per day. Her quality of life had deteriorated significantly.

In 1995 she woke up, and realized she had lost 5 years of her life due to the continued use of the pain pills. She weaned her way off the pain pills, and tried to live with the sciatica pain as best she could. Her job at the time required sitting, which was very uncomfortable, as she could only sit for 30 - 45 minutes a time, having to then walk around for 15 - 20 minutes. Employers were not overly sympathetic to her work restrictions, and her income was effected as her productivity was decreased due to her physical issues.

Earlier this year, Peggy came to work for ErgoGenesis last year, not knowing anything about ergonomic chairs. In all the years and all the doctors, no one explained to her the benefits that an ergonomic chair could have on sciatica pain. Her job at ErgoGenesis requires sitting for about 10 hours a day.

When she started working at ErgoGenesis, we made her a special high back ergonomic chair, with memory foam and a custom tail bone cut out.

Almost immediately she felt relief from the radiating nerve pain across her buttocks and legs. She no longer had to stand for fifteen minutes every hour and now can comfortably sit for 3 - 4 hours at a time. At the end of each day, she is no longer stiff and in pain as she used to be from sitting in other chairs.

You can also get relief from your sciatica pain. Peggy can answer any questions you may have on our custom built ergonomic chairs and her struggle over the last twenty five years in seeking relief from her sciatica pain.

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