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Ergonomic Chairs

You work hard 40-60 hours a week. You have spent years in your chosen profession, working each day at your desk. You have paid your dues. Now it is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sitting in a chair is hard on the body. Nature did not intend for the human body to be in one position for hours at time. It has only been in the last few decades that workers have had to sit at a desk for long periods of the day five to seven days per week. This has become the norm of the modern workplace.

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Custom Built For You

The BodyBilt executive ergonomic chair was designed for you. The executive ergonomic chair shapes your body with a contoured high back and seat consisting of up to three layers of foam covered with the highest quality leather, or the most ergonomic knit-type fabric. With multiples choice of seats, from a moderately contoured ergonomic seat to a stretch seat for those of you with long legs, to a petite seat for those with shorter legs, you will be sitting in a customized ergonomic chair designed for your unique body.

Comfort. That’s exactly what you will achieve with your ergonomic chair from ErgoGenesis. It can be adjusted a thousand different ways because it has a unique 10-point posture control, giving you the ability to set your ergonomic chair to an unsurpassed level of comfort.

We will customize the ergonomic chair that best fits your style, click on the “START CUSTOMIZING” link above, and our dedicated ergonomic experts will work with you one-on-one to design and build the perfect ergonomic chair for you.


Why Buy Bodybilt?

The Answer is simple:

BodyBilt 10 Point Control Adjustability

BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs employ 10 point Posture Control which allow you to adjust your ergonomic chair in an endless number of positions to bring your body the absolute most comfortable position.

Each BodyBilt Ergonomic Chair is fully customized and built to order for each customer. NO Stock of ready made chairs exists - We carefully take note of each customers needs and build their chair to the needs of each customer - including the fabric type and color.

All BodyBilt Ergonomic Chairs are hand made in Texas from the highest quality of components - which is why BodyBilt ergonomic chairs carry a ten year limited warranty! What kind of warranty does the office chair you are sitting in now have?

Click Here and we will Custom Build it for you to try, at our risk, for 30 days!


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