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Ergonomic Footrest

ergonomic footrestsRaise your feet to a comfortable level with our height and angle adjustable ergonomic footrest. Two sided footrest for your choice of smooth or textured surface. Available in 3" or 6" heights. Our ergonomic footrests are mounted on an attractive chrome frame.

An ergonomic footrest is designed to keep your feet supported and comfortable, increase blood flow to your legs and relieve lower back issues. Ergonomic footrests can help prevent blood clots, varicose veins and pressure on the Achilles tendon caused by prolonged or inactive sitting and ease pressure on the back of the legs if the feet are not resting on the floor. A foot rest can also serve as a gentle reminder to sit all the way back in your chair, allowing the chair back to take some of the stress and strain off of your back. Ergo4me offers a variety of height and angle adjustable footrests to suit your particular needs. Complete our survey and one of our ergonomic consultants will contact you and make a suggestion that best suits your need.

A well positioned, and properly adjusted ergonomically designed footrest is an important part of maintaining correct posture and alignment while seated at a computer. Lack of a footrest forces your lower back to arch, putting excess pressure on your discs. Ergonomic footrests place your lower spine in a neutral position, relaxing your muscles and distributing your torso weight correctly.

Arrange your work so you can sit or stand comfortably in a position that does not put stress on any specific area of your body. You should be able to keep your neck in a neutral position and minimize the need to look up or to the sides continuously while you are working. A well positioned document holder will help to prevent longterm back and neck pain.

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