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LCD Computer Monitor Arms

LCD monitor offers superior LCD computer monitor mounting systems, with flexible easy movement vertically, horizontally and at all angles. This flexibility works equally well in sit-stand environments. Supports monitors up to 22 lbs., or even more if needed!

The correct LCD monitor mount position is as important as the selection and purchase of an LCD monitor arm. Ergonomic injuries are increasing with the explosion of computer technology in the workplace and in schools. Repetitive and prolonged computer use can lead to injury, muscle aches and discomfort. Proper computer posture is also important.

Our flat panel computer monitor arm mounts are engineered with refined aesthetics, modular construction and intuitive design. Displays are able to tilt 40 degrees, swing 230 degrees side-to-side and rotate 360 degrees. The gas-assisted height adjustment option allows free floating displays - ideal for sit-to-stand applications. Monitor height adjustment provides 18.25" of range on a standard mount and makes it easy to achieve and ergonomically perfect position. Also available in multi-screen configurations, dual, triple, quad and custom, with a wide variety of mounting options (clamp, bolt-through, grommet, wall, column, etc.).

In today's office one cannot imagine any interaction without a computer. Setting up ergonomic computer monitors is an important part of every day business life. carries all the ergonomic office furniture to help you correct common computer workstation problems and help prevent repetitive strain injuries. Choosing the right location for your LCD computer monitor mount and ergonomic accessories on the desk or wall is not an easy decision, especially considering that you might spend many hours every day working at your computer. LCD arms allow you to position your monitor ergonomically to help you prevent injuries and other discomfort, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, or eye strain.

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