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Petite Ergonomic Chairs

Don't settle for a chair that causes your feet to dangle helplessly above the floor. Don't live with an oversized seat that prevents your lower back from reaching the support it needs. A chair that's too big for your body will wear you out and could cause long term pain and discomfort. You deserve a chair made specifically for your needs.

Our petite ergonomic chair will put you back in control of your office space. One of our specially trained representatives is waiting to fulfill your seating wishes. They'll make sure the base provides your feet that feeling of stability. They'll help you select a seat that cradles your legs in comfort. You'll be able to choose the perfect amount of foam padding and your favorite material to cover it in style. Over 57 million seating options make sure you'll get the perfect fit.

Your petite needs haven't been forgotten. You just haven't experienced the soothing rest of a custom built chair made for you. Call us at 1-888-322-1293 and we'll make sure you have the comfort you deserve.

Click Here and we will Custom Build a petite office chair for you to try, at our risk, for 30 days!

  flat countour, petite-back   moderate contour, petite-back   deep countour, petite-back  

These Petite Ergonomic Chairs are only representative of the options available through customization.

Custom Built Petite Office Chair

The Petite Executive Ergonomic Chair is a petite high back office chair with a slightly contoured seat designed to promote proper ergonomic posture and evenly distribute weight so that leg muscles are put in a relaxed position. The petite office chair is the perfect multitasking desk chair for the person with a small body frame.




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