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Corporate and Individual Pricing

Unfortunately, there’s no quick answer when it comes to pricing. We've built chairs from a few hundred dollars to a
few thousand, (although they seldom get that high).

Occasionally, some people feel confused or will not take the next step in our design process because they don't find
specific pricing on our website. They might feel like they're going to get high pressured by an overzealous sales rep,
bombarded with emails or we’re simply “hiding” the price for some reason.

Fortunately, this is just not the case.

To clarify, these are “custom” designed chairs. They're not pre-made or mass produced. Every customer is unique, and
all have very different support needs. We build our chairs specifically for those individual needs and not a “one-size-fits-all”.

The point is, we want to tell you our prices right away, but we would sure hate to say a couple thousand dollars for a
chair when yours may only be a few hundred. And you miss out on a chair that may change your life…

That's why we ask a few simple questions first and then we’ll quickly design a chair specific to your own needs and
give you the price… No pressure, no hassle.

Then you decide if you would like to take advantage of our in-home 30 Day no-risk trial!

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