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Sit / Stand Office Desk Workstation

Ergonomic Sit Stand DeskIt would be a mistake to under estimate the value of proper workspaces in any business. One of the more popular types of office areas is the sit/stand office desk. This might seem like an odd notion and may even seem as though it would be an uncomfortable way to work. This is far from what the experts are saying. There are some pretty useful benefits of using a sit/stand workstation for daily work. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider this method for your office or workspace.

  • A sit/stand office desk allows the user to move throughout the day using a variety of muscles and joints unlike straight sitting in the same chair all day. This is good for providing flexibility to those muscles and joints.
  • Sitting in one position all day could lifespan partially due to the lack of blood flow through the body. When standing you have the opportunity to keep the blood flowing through the body keeping circulation at top performance. Providing better heart health.
  • A sit/stand office desk allows the body to move frequently bringing blood and to the brain and allowing for a better use of brain function. A person who can use more brain power when he or she is working is likely to be more productive.
  • Frequent movement also helps to reduce stress levels much like that in exercise. Sit/stand office desks give the worker this ability.
  • A sit/stand office desk also helps to reduce obesity by allowing for frequent movement allowing more calories.
  • Moving often also reduces the amount of strain put on the back and neck allowing for fewer back and neck injuries.
  • The use of a sit/stand office desk increases the productivity of the person using it. They are more likely to be focused on the job at hand and less time thinking about the pain they might be in.
  • The sit/stand office desk also helps the person to stay alert increasing their focus as well. Being able to think more clearly will allow the person to work faster and make better choices while doing their job.
  • Financially the sit/stand office desk is no more expensive than purchasing a quality ergonomically correct office chair.

Deciding to change a workstation to a sit/stand office desk could provide you with a great number of benefits including increasing your profit margin. The investment is well worth the money and will be repaid by the increase in productivity levels.

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