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Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Hi Melanie.

Thank you for the info. I have to say that in a world with little regard for customer service, your company is impressive. I am so happy to be doing business with an American company that truly seems to care.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the follow up. Within about 90 seconds of trying the new chair, I was 100% sure I was keeping it. My back pain has improved substantially, and I am feeling much better after the work day just like you said. There are still other factors contributing to my pain from a hard life, but clearly the extended hours spent in my old chair was making it far worse and this chair takes that away from me as much as anything possibly could. It was a big investment and if you remember I was very skeptical, but I am VERY happy with the chair, and the entire experience. You were very persuasive and persistent and took a lot of time to answer the litany of questions I had. Salespeople chasing me to sell me something is normally is a turn off for me, you conducted your calls with me patiently and with complete confidence . Since you truly believed what you were telling me, and I could tell that, I took the plunge and wow what a difference it makes. After only 3-4 weeks I have dropped most of the pain pills and getting back to exercising.
Thank you so very much for caring enough to keep after me as I am extremely busy! Your making yourself available at 8PM for two calls to help me understand all this and then to help me figure out how to get it set up. I never expected that and appreciate it deeply. If you ever need a job, call me.
All the above is the good stuff. Now the bad? I am going to have to get two more chairs! One for my home office and one for my wife. Call me next week and we will get with Carey. As for the home office unit I want it in the real leather (brown) , everything else the exact same as this work of art I am sitting on!



Good morning Lorne

The chair is completely fantastic! It has been years since I have been able to work a full day and then have any energy at all when I get home. But with this chair, I'm able to leave work and still have a full evening planned - which means I'm now able to do church on Wednesday nights, or actually stand in the kitchen to cook dinner, when before I would skip it completely to head straight for bed.

The only problem I really had was with the pneumatic lumbar support. It took several times of filling it and deflating it to get the left side of it to air up, so the first week or so, the support was off-center to the right. But I spoke with one of your reps on the phone, and once we got the left side to fill out, it now feels centered in the right place.

I am working on talking my mother into giving you guys a call. I inherited my DDD from my mother, and she has also had a spinal fusion. We both work long hours in similar jobs, and I know that she would benefit a great deal from one of your chairs. The issue will probably just be whether she's willing to give the chair a chance to work or not.

Kim R.


My experience with the BodyBilt ergonomic chair has not changed. I'll keep it simple. This chair is fantastic. It fits me well, is well built, is comfortable, is stylish, and is fairly priced.

It is rare that I purchase a product for which I have no concerns whatsoever.

It is a very compelling offer that you make to me for the ergonomic evaluation. I know a few people who might benefit from this type of discussion, so I'll contact them, and provide their contact info to you.



Dear Lorne,

I had back surgery right before Christmas and after that I was not able to sit down for about 3 months or so. Once my doctor told me that it was ok to sit down I started to use the chair.

So far so good. The chair is doing its part. This chair is comfortable and keeps me in good posture. I have not had a single episode of backpain or sciatica since I had surgery. I assume big part of that is due to using the right chair. The service that I received from the staff of Bodybuilt was great so I am a happy customer.

Right now all restrictions have been lifted by my doctor and I am 100% back to my normal life.

Thank you.


Hi Lorne,

I LOVE My chair. I received it right after being adjusted and corrected by my chiropractor AND have been great ever since. I have had to work some VERY long hours with NO pain in my shoulder and wrist at all.

BEST investment I have made in years. Just wish I had done it sooner.

Roseanne B


My J3502 Bodybilt chair is fantastic - really, nothing short of what I had expected, only more. Now that I've had a chance to tinker with it and embrace it for well over a week, I can safely say that, yes, you were right when you told me that this was an investment for my health. It was difficult for me to part with that kind of money, but oh boy was it ever worth every penny! It's an extremely comfortable ergonomic chair that hugs my body perfectly and is so effortless to readjust when needed. Chair adjustability has always been an important factor for me to obtaining true ergonomic support and this chair has it in great spades. The best two decisions that I've made with this chair were to include the S'port pivot arms and the Neckroll that you've recommended for my situation. These things make it an absolute dream to sit in the chair for hours on end and really ease my forearms and neck when doing extensive typing and mouse work. Thanks so much to you and ErgoGenesis for making such quality computer chairs!!

Thanks so much again Peggy. As you can see, I'm very happy with my chair :).

Take care,


Dear Peggy:

I would recommend this chair to anyone who has back problems and likes to work long hours at their computer.

Instead of leaning forward or having to strain to keep my back straight, the ErgoGenesis chair takes care of all of that; and, I can rest my forearms comfortably on the armrests at the same time. Now, I can sit in a comfortable position, with my back fully rested against the chair. The seat's memory foam also did wonders to help relieve the "stinging" that I was experiencing in my legs due to sciatica.

This chair is the single, best investment I have made for my home/small business; allowing me to feel comfortable and think much clearer than I had been able to before, because I was encumbered with back pains.

I love this chair! Thank you so much ErgoGenesis, for making an outstanding product improving my life!


Rob H.

Mrs. Peggy,

I would like to express my greatest appreciation for helping me find the perfect chair! It's been 3 weeks now and this chair outperforms any that I've encountered in my life time! As a Veterans representative, I spend a lot of time in a chair taking care of Veterans, leaning forward, backward and constantly updating on a computer. I have an Upper Spinal fusion which has been giving me problems for years, especially using computers or working at a desk.

Having done a ton of research on chairs suited for upper back problems, I had found your site and answered the questions. Peggy then sent, and called with more questions, and suggestions.

Peggy worked extensively with me to find the right combination of options that has produced a chair which keeps me seated properly, supports my lower and upper back, has fully adjustable arm rests to get under the desk yet be right where my arms need support. And most notably the neck roll is awesome!

Since receiving the chair, I have a noticeable decrease in pain and increase in energy throughout the day!

I have already recommended this chair to 2 associates, and it truly is the envy of all the others in my office! (Too bad, they can't abscond with it, its custom for me!)
Thank you Very Much!!

John (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

i have just spent a month planning my Bodybilt chair with Bonnie Acre. This was one of the most fun, entertaining business (ad)ventures i have experienced in many years. in a world where business is so cut and dried and drenched in the energy of every (wo)man for her/him-self, i found this this experience to be productive, helpful and totally enjoyable.

I am not the easiest person to work with (think canary in the mine - the one with the most sensitivities). Bonnie not only worked easily and comfortably with me but seemed to actually enjoy the process as much as i did! this is a rare thing.

together we "birthed" a chair for me and i cannot tell you how much i appreciate having such a wonderful birthing partner!!


Dear Peggy,

When my son came home it took us all of one minute to get the cylinder out. I am on my new cylinder and my legs and my back thank you. Peggy I really appreciate you helping me out the way you have. You and your company are tops and again.... I LOVE MY CHAIR !!




Just gotta tell you: CHAIR IS MAGNIFICENT! Wow, what a difference. Back and sciatic pain all but gone.

Product great, company great, you're great. Thank you so much for your kind help.


I recently ordered two chairs for our home office. Peggy Haley-Ross, Senior Ergonomic and Marketing Consultant, was my first contact with your company. While I had done some preliminary research on the products she was very helpful in clarifying our needs and suggesting alternative solutions. Her communications with me, both by phone, mail and email, were prompt, clear, and helpful. Although our order's build and delivery were not without concerns to us, Peggy handled these concerns very professionally and, ultimately, assisted us in receiving two chairs under a tight deadline and they appear to be all we expected.

I hope you and others at ErgoGenesis are aware of the good work that Peggy is doing on behalf of your company. Her assistance gave us confidence in both the workmanship and customer service that we believe are essential for long-term business relationships.

Although Peggy discouraged this correspondence, our numerous interactions with her over the last several weeks compelled me to write of her exceptional support. Her professionalism confirms to us that ErgoGenesis' quality of service lies not only in its high standard of product construction but also in its selection of quality personnel.

I realize a single notation of excellence seldom carries great rewards, but I cannot believe my notation stands alone. I hope Ms. Haley-Ross is appropriately commended in ways meaningful to her in the days ahead.




I am a sole practitioner (lawyer) in a small town not located near any furniture store, so when I decided to treat myself to a new chair, I took the plunge and ordered one from Bodybuilt. It was an excellent decision: they sent me leather samples, I chose one, and after the chair arrived, I found it was exactly what I needed in a chair - it is firm, comfortable, it gives me support at my lower back, and the arm rests are just in the right place and comfortable to rest my arms on. One other thing: I decided I needed the shorter height cylinder, I got it quickly from the company, installed it, and am very happy with my choice and the responsive folks at Bodybuilt.


Good morning Peggy,

After a few days' use, I can honestly say the chair is a great success. Not only do I feel good after sitting in it for hours at a time, I don't feel stiff or sore the next day, as had been the case with my previous chair. I also do not have the problems with this chair that I have with the Aeron chair I use at work (the hard front edge of the seat). It took a few tries but I got the hang of adjusting it and I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much, I feel extremely satisfied and I will recommend your company to any and everyone.

Best wishes,


Hi Peggy

I just wanted you to know that I got my chair and I LOVE it. I am so lucky to have it, I feel very special. I sent my boss a big thank-you for letting me go with this product even though it was a little over our budget.

I love the arm supports. I have them adjusted to support my wrists just where they are ergonomically perfect with my work station. The soft arms feel sooooooooo good! I thank you for encouraging me to get them and even though I had to compromise getting the head rest, I think I got the most important features for my needs.

This chair helps keep me at my work station and supports me there. I don't have to shuffle around all day in discomfort.

I hope you enjoyed your travels home to New Orleans. Thanks for all you help!


Hi Peggy!!!

I love my new Leather Super Chair.....the firm padding they added in the seat is a big difference ,works great!!..I think this is money well spent and even though its my second chair from you in 6 months, One for the upstairs and another for the down stairs office, I feel that after using the first chair I would be abusing myself to sit in the other $200 to $500 chairs I had been buying over the just can't know this until you have a month or so of daily use in the "ERGO CHAIR" YEA THEY LOOK WEIRD !! the whole "tractor seat" thing..but if anyone asks tell them I said IT WORKS..AS ADVERTISED..NO FALSE CLAIMS...these are worth it long term because of all the adjustments that you can have built on them ..and by the way way tell people it's literally a chair built for them, I know your ads kind of state that but it's really true...thanks..I recommend getting the the moveable seat..awesome for leaning back and getting the balance just right over the seat post..I now have a chair where i USE THE HEADREST it's not just ginger bread..the roho is neat too...i wish I had bought both chairs in leather..this leather is not shiny and sticky its very comfortable...and if this is truly a chair for ten years or more's worth getting the extra stuff ..I know the argument that once you get it set you won't use the adjustments anymore ..well not true I have bad circulation in my legs ,sciatic nerve issues when sitting or walking for more than ..20 min or less ..and a few tweaks changes where you have the pressure on your spine and legs..the front edge of the seat looks extreme but it really works!! I try to get chairs that have a "waterfall front seat edge" but after using this chair I see now that most manufacturers never go far enough...well the ergo chairs do...radically helps reduce leg swelling issues caused by sitting..can I say more ?? sure!! but I will stop here and just say thanks for a truly good product ...

Tom S.

Greetings Peggy,

the arms and sides arrived yesterday, and I sent the other ones back today. Couldn't have been less painless. the chair is fantastic, and the service was superb except for that trucker. the ups store down the street is really on the ball. too bad they're not as good in Texas. Let me say again how happy I am with you and your product. please feel free to use me as a reference.